Running Compose in Console Mode

Opening Compose in Console mode provides a shell where Compose OML language commands can be entered at the prompt.

Complete the step depending on your situation.
For this setup Do the following
Windows PC Invoke the Compose Console via All Programs > Altair 2020.1 > Compose 2020.1 Console.
DOS Prompt on a PC

Run the following command:

<install dir>\Compose_Console.bat

or this command:

<install dir>\hwx\bin\win64\ExecWinEnvComp.exe -cfg -kc -ef Comp.env -aa 0 -ex ExecMainComp.exe –toolbox -continue
Linux Shell <install dir>/Compose_Console

You can run the Console application without arguments to open it.

In Console mode, all OML Language features are exposed. However, every command related to the graphic windows (plotting, GUI, readvectorbuilder, and so on) are ignored.