Debugging Scripts

Click the Debug icon to activate Debug mode.

  1. From the Debug menu, select Start Debugging, or use the Debug icon .
    Other windows become available once Debugging Mode is activated.
  2. Set the breakpoints by clicking the left margin next to the desired line.
  3. Click Run File to start the debugging process.
    Once a breakpoint is hit, a yellow arrow is displayed inside of it. This indicates the next line of execution.
  4. Once a breakpoint is hit, select the next option:
    • Click Step Over to execute the current line and move over to execute the next one. The yellow arrow on the margin moves to that point.
    • Click Step Until to resume execution until the next breakpoint is hit in the remaining execution path or the end of script is reached.
    • Click Step Into to enter any user written function call at the current line of execution. If none exists, it behaves like Step Over.
    • Conversely, click Step Out to come out of the current function and to the point where the function was called.